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Since 2004, Frateli has been setting up mentoring for students from modest backgrounds who graduated high school with honors by experienced young professionals who have pursued similar studies.

Mentors share their experience and their networks with the young people they mentor and give them the tools, the habits and the confidence they need to succeed and join the workforce. Frateli just found the 1 000th mentor!

Societe Generale has partnered with the organisation since 2007, and around 15 employees are currently Frateli mentors.  






The Frateli College for equal opportunities



The Frateli College for equal opportunities complements Frateli mentoring with new, tailored support modules. Depending on their studies and target sectors, the mentees are steered towards different modules arranged in three cycles:


- Cycle 1 "Successfully completing your studies" (1-2 years post-secondary): young mentees take part in the Frateli summer campus (see the campus in images in the video opposite). They also participate in one-on-one lessons and/or intensive courses, as well as various workshops specific to their studies and target sectors.


- Cycle 2 "Maturing" (3-4 years post-secondary): to expand their horizons, mentees take part in coaching, mobility and career discovery workshops led by mentors and partners.



- Cycle 3 "Developing your career plan": to prepare for their integration into the workplace, mentees participate in "professional get-togethers" and company visits. They also take part in workshops on using job application tools and access to placement and employment advertising platforms. 



About 100 mentees took part in the project and came out of it highly satisfied. Frateli intends to extend its activity, taking on more mentees and developing relevant business sectors.



Let’s give the last word to the mentees:



"We couldn't have dreamed of anything better and indeed we didn't. The teachers were very attentive to our questions, our expectations and our level (above all in Spanish). They didn't hesitate to go back to basics when it was necessary and they very quickly adapted to their class. The main things were said, understood and learned!" 

Sarah, student in 2nd year of economics and comercial junior college.



"Thank you to the Societe Generale employees and Frateli for organising this event! It consolidated my career plan to advance in the field of finance. The visit to the Foundation's private collection is quite simply astounding."

Mohamed, student in 2nd year at Telecom Paris, participant in the "banking trades" panel organised at Societe Generale.



It says it all!



For more information, see the Frateli website (only in french) 

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