The Prime Minister, Jean-Marc AYRAULT, has granted the Grande Cause Nationale 2013 label to the “Acting together against illiteracy” movement, organised by the National Agency for the Fight against Illiteracy (ANLCI).



What does the Grande Cause Nationale label signify?

One grand cause is chosen every year. The label is above all a way of creating a groundswell of support and at least temporarily raising awareness of the cause.
The ANLCI and its “Acting together against illiteracy” initiative will thus be able to obtain free air-time on public radio and television channels to run appeals for donations from the public. Their intention is to break the taboo and to use the strong support provided by the initiative, and all the other parties involved in the fight against illiteracy, to carry on the struggle and start to beat the problem.



In France, 2,500,000 people between the ages of 18 and 65 are illiterate

The latest Information and Daily Life 2011 (IVQ) survey conducted by INSEE (French national institute for economic statistics and research) was published in December and showed a total of 2,500,000 illiterate people between the ages of 18 and 65, equivalent to 7 % of the total age group. These people have attended school, but are unable to master the basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills necessary to be independent in simple everyday situations and to find work.
Illiteracy is not an end in itself and the figures are down when compared with the previous IVQ survey conducted in 2004. The label, and the support it helps to generate, are therefore an important step in the fight against illiteracy.



The fight against illiteracy, a major concern for the Societe Generale Foundation

The fight against illiteracy as a means of assisting professional integration is a major area of activity for the Societe Generale Foundation. To illustrate the point, 22 projects were supported by Societe Generale through the Foundation in 2012 and it will continue its activities in 2013.

We hope that the label will help the following partners to promote their actions and further develop their activities:

JADE (youth for action and dialogue with business), La voie de la lune (the path to the moon), APSEM (centre for literacy and professional integration),Centre d'Information sur les Droits des Femmes et des Familles de Dunkerque (Dunkirk centre for information on the rights of women and families), the French Red Cross, LA CLÉ (Lille counting, reading, writing centre), Amis du Môme Aillaud (friends of Aillaud), Myriade, IFP Sud-Est (institute for professional training), ACA (association of the canton of St Jean de Maurienne), Association L.I.R.E (read, inform, unite, educate), Fle'Connexion (French for foreigners), Les Amis de Kantchari (friends of Kantchari), "Val et Forêt"Association Compter, Lire et Ecrire (association for counting, reading, writing), ARM (association of the Rue Montorgueil), Passerelles Vers l'Emploi (pathways to employment), Centre Alpha Choisy (Alpha Choisy centre), RECIFE (Resources Competencies Integration and Training for Employment) INSTEP Aquitaine (computer training for integration), M.O.D.E. (Mediterranean Computers for the Development of Employment), Association de Bienfaisance RABAT (Rabat welfare association), Maison d'Enfants AKKARI (Akkari children’s institute - Rabat), Autremonde (association for professional integration).




We invite you to visit the "our partner" area and we will also continue to inform you about their projects throught our news and flash of the week.



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