Odete Martins, controllership supervisor at Banco Pecúnia, is a volunteer at Société Générale Institute since 2009. Active participant in the Citizenship Week initiatives, she believes the most important aspect of volunteer work is to give and receive joy, sharing feelings and learning.

How did you become part of SG Institute?

I received information about the Institute on how to become a volunteer via the group's Newsletter and internal circulars. From that point on, I was able to get involved in social responsibility initiatives that already caught my attention. But I didn't know how to start.

During these years, which project was most important to you?

In almost three years as a volunteer, Donors of Happiness (Doadores de Alegria) was the most important initiative in my life. Each year, I am amazed at the activities performed and I am moved at every meeting. The most important aspect of this action isn't just daily or financial assistance, but the donation of tenderness, attention and, as the name itself says, we are "Donors of Happiness".

How important is it to participate in social responsibility activities?

To me, the important thing is to dedicate some of our time, even with the daily rush, to people that need help, showing that, if everyone does it, it is possible. In addition, when you are close to people with greater needs, you start to appreciate small gestures and the opportunities we have been given in life.

What are your expectations for the next few years?

I hope to keep contributing with my work and be able to bring more people into this activity.

How do you define 'being a volunteer'?

Being a volunteer is giving and receiving joy, and especially believing in what really gives us satisfaction.

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