Turning inner city talent into business talent
November 2005 saw the launch of “Nos Quartiers ont des Talents” (NQDT), a French association aiming to help young graduates from disadvantaged areas into employment.
Nos Quartiers ont des Talents ("Inner City Talents") offers services to businesses and institutions looking for fresh talent, who want to act ethically and to support diversity. It opens up a channel of communication between young graduates and company executives. Société Générale began partnering the association three years ago.

The first national meeting, 23 and 24 November
Celebrating its fifth birthday, Nos Quartiers ont des Talents organised a first national meeting on 23 and 24 November 2010, at Disneyland Paris. It was an opportunity for students and young people from minorities and disadvantaged areas to meet with recruiters. At the Société Générale stand, young people had an opportunity to find out about employment and training opportunities within the Group. In France the plan for 2011 is to recruit for 3,330 permanent posts, 1,100 work/study programme posts and 330 "VIE" overseas business volunteer contracts.

Number 1 Partner
The opening ceremony for the 2010-2011 season was attended by Laurence Parisot and Claude Bébéar*. Their support shows how recognition is continuing to grow for the importance of this initiative to help the young find work. Frédéric Oudéa was there in person to receive a trophy from NQDT, awarded to Societe Generale as the leading mentoring network, with more than 250 mentors in the Paris and Lyon regions. He thanked colleagues who have given support to more than 500 young people in under three years. Half of them have gone on to secure a permanent post to match their expectations and qualifications! He also added that Société Générale has taken on 24 young people through the organisation, in the three years of the partnership.

A better future for even more young people
Over the next five years the association aims to raise the number of young people mentored from 2,000 to 20,000 a year, and to boost the number of mentors from 2,000 to 12,000 a year. Société Générale, in the next five years, aims to become the leading bank for customer relations, chosen for its teams' quality and commitment. It's an aim that can only be achieved by drawing on the most diverse range of talents possible, talents found especially in our inner cities. Naturally, Frédéric Oudéa confirmed that he wanted Société Générale and NQDT to cement a strong and lasting partnership for the next five years.

We all pull together
Success comes from working together, and this is the proof! The success of the partnership relies on genuine commitment from all parties: the young people themselves, NQDT, our Group, the Société Générale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity and Talents & Partage. Talents & Partage, which works year round to recruit and support mentors, deserves a special mention, along with the Société Générale Corporate Foundation, which supports the development of NQDT with funding. It's a great example of everyone pulling together in the interests of good citizenship!
Laurence Parisot, honorary President of Nos Quartiers ont des Talents
Claude Bébéar, honorary President of Nos Quartiers ont des Talents

Extracted from SogéNEWS

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