As for the project run by the association ARELI, ARELI Émergence, the aim is to promote the professional and social careers of managers and directors from modest backgrounds, particularly immigrants.

The initiative encourages talented students via a sponsoring network and scholarships. ARÉLI Émergence supports these young students up until they join the workforce.


The program’s objective reaches beyond the audience it directly targets. It strives to build a network of graduates from modest backgrounds, most of whom come from abroad, through the responsibilities they take on which can play a positive social and professional role. All of this serves as an example for future generations from modest backgrounds in the area of Lille, by giving them the desire to succeed. It is a diverse network, owing to the range of backgrounds of its members, and the various areas of the local, regional, national and international economy into which it is incorporated.


The winners will be invited to take part in eight modules designed to help them with their study path (preparing for interviews) and seeking internships and jobs. It will also help them to better organise their career plans. In return, the winners also contribute to the association, which aims to develop a sense of reciprocal help and taking part in the life of the suburbs. In 2011, the association was also recognised for the general interest is provides, giving it greater legitimacy and enabling it to step up its action. A fresh year of graduates has now been recruited – the ninth since the program was created – totalling fifty beneficiaries. Fifty-three new winners were selected while 24 students are finishing their studies and seeking positions. Seventeen of them found a job before the end of the year. With the aim of encouraging these young people to help their fellow citizens, they took part in an event set up by the CGI in favour of the association J’ai Un Rêve (I have a dream), which enables sick children to live out their dreams.


Eight Societe Generale employees are currently sponsors of the Émergence program, two more than last year. Several students have professional qualification employment contracts with the Group, and one is currently on an international volunteer program in New York at Societe Generale America.

To know more about this organization : Areli

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