Twenty-two youngsters coming from Casa do Zezinho visited SG Corporate & Investment Banking (SGCIB) on the 28th, with the objective of presenting the operation of the main areas in the company.


After being welcomed with breakfast by François Dossa, the president of the SG Group in Brazil and a Counselor for the Institute, the dynamic meeting was briefly presented: the youngsters gathered in pairs and randomly received the indication of which area they were to visit so they could talk to the person in charge of that sector. Each manager had 20 minutes to explain to the youngsters the main activities practiced in that department and to answer questions raised by the pair. "They were very curious about what we do, asked questions about our activities, who the members of the team are, the importance of that area, among other queries raised through the chat", said Viviane Silva, a senior Portfolio analyst for the bank, an area known as Third Party Management.


After the clarifications, the youngsters had ten minutes to present what they had learned to their colleagues. Mayara Paula dos Santos, a participant in the Employability in the 21st Century project and in Casa do Zezinho for ten years, saw the presidency area and commented on her impression: "It was amazing. Mr. François Dossa gave me a different view on what it is to be the CEO of a big company". The 16-year old young lady, who attends Graphic Design and Journalism courses, commented that the meeting has much contributed with her formation.


Fifteen year old Cayam Alves Mendes, visited the Treasury and Vice-Presidency areas. The idea he had of what a bank was supposed to be has completely changed. "A bank is not only an entity that is eager to make money. Its concern with clients is a lot bigger", he explains. Cayam has been in the NGO for five years and participates in Revista Zezinho, in the Toca Zezinho project, and in the Graphic Design course.


The feedback on the dynamic meeting was positive among visitors and managers. "I think that it is a very important initiative. It is a great opportunity for them to have contact with the corporate environment, besides getting to understand a bit more about the work done in our bank, which is quite specific in the financial market", emphasized Viviane.

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