Team spirit and solidarity have become essential within the Group. Employees can, during their working time, mobilize to help a partner association of the Foundation to solve a logistical need or help with a very concrete problem such as repainting, gardening or cleaning. This format enables the structure to benefit from a real impact while offering a strong time around solidarity to teams focused on their daily lives.

In 2019, nearly 500 employees in Ile-de-France took part in a solidarity day with our partner associations, such as Aurore, Apprentis d'Auteuil and la Cravate Solidaire. Discover the story of a day full of meaning lived by 30 employees with the association Rejoué. They left the office to immerse themselves in the daily life of Rejoué, a French structure, partner of the Foundation, which works to recycle toys by employing vulnerable people to do so. Over the course of one day, they lived through all the stages of toy upgrading, learning the key actions of the trade with employees in integration. A day of solidarity, conviviality and learning.


The day starts with a visit of the workshop, where everyone discovers the journey of toys collected by the association. Accompanied by Pauline Jouvenaux, commercial development manager at Rejoué, they first explored the sorting center in the basement, where the toys that can be valued and those that are broken are separated. They then go to the main workshop, where they will spend the day, with its stalls dedicated to the ecological cleaning, the verification of the functioning of the toys and the final quality control before the sale, in the shop dedicated to professionals right on site or those for individuals located in the center of Paris.


Before starting work, one of the technical supervisors brings together all the integration workers present, mainly women, to play a few trusting games with Societe Generale employees who will spend the rest of the day with them. Connivances are created immediately, differences disappear, and laughter sets in: the working day can begin. Cleaning of cars and trucks, verification and reconstruction of Playmobil universe, brushing dolls’ hair, making of boxes of games for babies: the tasks are varied, and employees are very focus, following to the letter the indications of the employees in insertion.


An important day for employees being reintegrated within the working market


But the real stars of this day are the employees in integration, women and men on their way back to work, who have the opportunity during these days to showcase their expertise. In fact, the employees, one-day interns, in addition to carrying a sincere curiosity in the daily life of the employees accompanied by Rejoué, ask them for the validation of each of their actions to ensure that they are doing a good job. “These days are an extremely rewarding moment for a renewed sense of self-confidence,” explains Nathalie Ourry, Director at Rejoué. In this atmosphere, everyone takes pleasure in handling toys and working together, falling back a bit in childhood in this workshop.



To know more about this organization : Rejoué, le jouet solidaire

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