All over France, more than 1,600 employees of the Retail Bank have been involved in sporting events, collections, skills sponsorship for the benefit of associations!
Here are some examples of solidarity actions implemented during the Citizen Commitment Time 2019:

At the Strasbourg Regional Office, on 4 July at the Stade de l'Ill, several sites of the bank organized a sporting event. Thus, 33 employees ran and walked together for a total of 230 km. The donation were for the charity Unis vers le sport.
Employees of Grand Sud-Ouest Regional Office have collected professional clothes for the benefit of the association La Cravate Solidaire Bordeaux. 82 kg were collected and a donation of €1,500 was also given to Anne Pougeade and Laetitia Eyquem, who animate the Bordeaux charity branch, thus making it possible to multiply the steps taken to integrate young people into working life (coaching workshops, preparation of job interviews, donations of "work" clothes, ...).
The Lille Regional Office organized solidarity races during the month of June. 134 employees participated, travelling 4190 km and collecting € 6,500 for the charity Sport dans la Ville. From 4 to 14 June, a clothing collection for the association La Cravate Solidaire was organized. The different sites of the bank managed to collect 350 kg of clothing (vs 300 kg last year)! To conclude this period of solidarity, some thirty collaborators took part in the Lille Braderie Race!
From June 11 to 20, 218 employees of the Service Center St-Quentin-en-Yvelines took part in a sporting challenge involving several activities: walking, Running, Badminton, Ping pong, Baby foot, Boxing, Pétanque game. Thanks to their efforts, 1,035€ were donated to the association L'Agence Du Don en Nature.
From 17 June to 2 July, the teams of the Service Centet of Marseille met around the sporting and solidarity event with the program: pétanque game, walk and/or running, "staircase" challenge (rather than taking the lifts), "biking" challenge on indoor bikes. Seventy employees participated in the Citizen Commitment Time, 258 km travelled (on foot, by bike or by race) and 1800 floors climbed or descended. All of these activities in which employees participated resulted in the presentation of a cheque for €1,000 to the «Labo Sociétal Centrale Marseille». It supports the “Dégun Sans Stage” project, which aims to offer internships to high school students who do not have a network. The site also organized a collection for La Cravate Solidaire and La Recyclerie, allowing to collect 8 bags of collections!
The Rennes Regional Office was pleased to welcome Blandine Landoas, La Cravate Solidaire’s western representative. Thanks to all the employees of Rennes, all sites combined, 10 boxes and 7 large bags of clothing/shoes or about 130 kg of clothing were collected. A great success for this operation carried out jointly on four different sites with the values of team spirit and commitment and an emphasis on vocational integration and integration through education.
The Saint-Denis Commercial Operation Office participated once again in this solidarity event. The challenge was to cover as many kilometres as possible (with a minimum distance to reach of 600 km) to support the association Emmaüs Défi. It was 34 employees who took up the challenge by travelling 600.5 km! (40 employees for a target of 500 km in 2017)! The Saint-Denis Commercial Operations Office will donate €1,200 to the association.
Monday, June 17, all employees of the Ile de France Nord Regional Office (DRIF Nord) participated in a solidarity march as part of the Citizen Commitment Time 2019. 63 participants divided into 10 teams followed a route through the streets of the capital, punctuated by staging points on monuments and historic sites: the Madeleine, the Opéra Garnier, the Petit Palais, the Palais Bourbon, the Grand Palais, the Place de la Concorde, the Louvre Pyramid, the Pont Alexandre III, the Church of St Augustin, the Place Vendôme… At each stage point, teams were asked to complete a special CSR quiz. A playful way to become experts on the Group’s commitments to sustainable development. Result: 315 km travelled by all employees! The purpose of the march was to raise funds for the Association IMPULSION 75, an association that helps young people who have dropped out of school. A joint lunch prepared by the ESAT «Les fourneaux de Marthe et Mathieu» closed this beautiful event. Following the Citizen Commitment Time, the DRIF Nord had the pleasure of receiving the Co-founder of the association for which the employees had carried out a solidarity march. They met Amirouche Aït-Djoudi, founder of Impulsion 75, an association fighting against dropping out of school. At the end of this meeting, the DRIF Nord set a date with the association to visit their premises and meet their volunteer members. Future joint actions are also planned in the coming months.
On the occasion of the Citizen Commitment Time 2019, 120 employees of the Regional Sales Department (DCR) of Mantes Vallée de Seine met on 4 July to walk, run or discover the Nordic walk for the benefit of the association SOS Children’s Village. They managed to travel 474 km. They also collected school supplies for this association in parallel. The DCR is proud and happy to give them €1,000 and around 25 Kg of supplies! This event was an opportunity for them to come together for a good cause and to engage in well-being activities: 8 practitioners from the association «Bien Être En Yvelines» were present in order to discover techniques of massages and reflexology.
Employees of the Boulogne-Billancourt Commercial Operations Office were mobilized for the Citizen Commitment Time 2019 around two events: during the Managers seminar, they covered 522 km by bike and all the employees were invited around a bicycle relay in the Bois de Boulogne: 500 km were covered by our athletes in 1h, a total of 1022 km covered by the employees of Boulogne-Billancourt representing a donation of €2,043 for the charity L’Agence du Don en Nature!
For the fourth year in a row, the Stade de France Service Center has participated to Citizen Commitment Time. From June 17 to 21, 2019, approximately 130 employees participated in a festive and supportive week. 16 teams took part every lunch in a tournament with a dozen activities to satisfy all tastes: sporting challenges (fitness, pallets, keels, rings), board games (giant mikado, dominos), musical challenges (quizz, blind-test) without forgetting the photo rally and the closing zumba on the day of the music festival! Thanks to the involvement of these 130 employees from Stade de France Service center, 1,016 euros were donated to the association SOS Children’s Villages to enable brothers and sisters who cannot live with their parents to grow up together in a family environment. In parallel, the Service Centre continued the partnership initiated in December (toy collection) with the Secours Populaire of Saint Denis and had the joy of handing over 24 large boxes of clothing collected to be bought a few cents or euros by people from Saint Denis in a precarious situation.
A sporting challenge took place during the festival of the Commercial Operations Office of Andrézieux Saint-Etienne on Thursday 4 July at the race of St-Galmier. It brought together 150 employees who participated in the various sports activities: shooting, basketball, molky, petanque. During these events, the Sport dans la Ville association was at their side, a donation of 2500€ was given to them, this one will participate in the acquisition of a minibus.
On Friday, June 14, 63 employees of the Val de Fontenay Service Centre took part in this new edition of the Citizen Commitment Time by travelling more than 510 km in 34:15 (bike and race). €1,518.12 was collected for the association Apprentis d'Auteuil, and a collection was also made for the charity Cravate Solidaire.

All around France, 59 offices/sites of Societe Generale retail bank did participated to the Citizen Commitment Time 2019 !

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