Our great CSR local correspondent, Yaiza Hernandez, relate us what did happen this year :

The Citizen Commitment Time 2019 has been a great success. Over 120 employees in SG Spain - 50% of the staff - have participated in numerous solidarity activities during this period. Thanks to their involvement, we are going to donate € 14,060 to the foundations: ICEAS and Acción Familiar.

The Citizen Commitment Time is an initiative within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility of Société Générale. It has been launched at an international level since 2015. Our plan in Spain is focused on professional integration and social inclusion projects. We have carried out many actions inside and outside the bank, in collaboration with the foundations we sponsor, and we are committed to. Here is a quick summary:

Corporate Volunteering with Special Olympics

SG has been sponsoring 2 basketball teams in the Special Olympics since 2012.

On June 8th, the Special Family Day took place: a volunteering day that combined basketball and video games. A team of 19 SG volunteers consisting of 12 adults and 7 children. The event was an example of integration in which 24 Special Olympics athletes played basketball with the volunteers forming mixed teams.

Coffee break with ICEAS and Acción Familiar

ICEAS and Acción Familiar presented their projects to SG Madrid.

On June 12th, ICEAS presented their project in great detail, focused on active inclusion and social transformation through education and support for children and their families. 25 employees attended and were able to learn the purpose of this organization, as well as the day-to-day activities of the Pan Bendito Center and their needs. At the end of the presentation, the idea of starting a campaign to collect school material emerged and two weeks later, we achieved our goal: 20 full boxes for ICEAS!

On Friday 14th, Accion Familiar visited SG. Their main activity is school support for minors who live under guardianship in children’s residences managed by Madrid Government. Our colleagues Juan Manuel Burgos and María Eugenia Méndez, volunteers of Acción Familiar, told us about their experience:

"I only dedicate two hours of my life, this is what I give. However, what I receive is not explainable: it's great, it's realizing what they need, to live a reality that very few people see and live, but that exists. Something that happens so close and cannot be seen. I only regret not having done this long before." Juanma Burgos.

7th edition of “Mus” championship: Playing cards against social exclusion

24 employees are participating in our annual tournament and as always, the players donate € 20 as a registration fee. The donation is always matched by SG.

Thanks to this involvement, we will donate € 960 to ICEAS and Acción Familiar.

Kilometers for Solidarity

For the second year in a row, CSR has launched the program “Kilómetros Solidarios” in order to encourage employee participation in sports activities. SG commitment is: each Kilometer for Solidarity will be converted into a 5€ donation to ICEAS and Acción Familiar.

Thanks to the involvement and commitment of Société Générale employees and the effort to run and cycle 2,620 kilometers, SG will donate € 13,100 to ICEAS and Acción Familiar.

In June, we joined an initiative of the Fondation Solidarité de Société Générale worldwide: We invited all employees to download the application "Km For Change" and to activate the step counter throughout the month of June. One of our colleagues scored 158 kilometers! Thanks to the involvement of 20% of SG’s, 1,000 Kilometers of Solidarity were accounted for, i.e. 5,000 euros for ICEAS and Acción Familiar.

“If you are one of those people that may not do something for themselves but finds the will to do it for someone else, then we have something in common! And this is what KmForChange is about. The famous saying “mens sana in corpore sano” goes to the next level with a “sana cor meum” and you know that doing one more step really does make a difference not only to yourself, but to someone else as well!”  Pierre-Antoine Jeux.

The finishing touch to our intense CCT period in 2019 was the Week of Cycling Kilometers for Solidarity at the Paidesport gym at Torre Picasso. We invited all employees to cycle on static bicycles during the week of June 17 to 21 to add more kilometers. Once again, the involvement of employees has been spectacular: 25 employees cycled 726 kilometers in 5 days. And this was not all, Corporate Social Responsibility and Paidesport organized a corporate cycle class on Friday, June 21, in which 29 employees participated and added another 500 kilometers.

In just 5 days, 45 employees cycled 1,226 Kilometers for Solidarity for ICEAS and Acción Familiar.



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