The next Societe Generale Foundation call for projects in June 2019 will focus on initiatives which facilitate integration and education through digital technologies or entrepreneurship. The Foundation is therefore presenting a few projects already supported in these areas. Focus on Efficience 59, a solidarity-based communications agency in northern France, which launched an integration project specialising in digital-related professions in 2017.


New ways to achieve professional integration

 Jamel Medjahed, founder and director of Efficience 59, spent 12 years at the French unemployment agency as an advisor specialized in professional integration projects. He strongly believed that the same type of support could be adapted to suit other fields of activity than construction or gardens maintenance. “We can come up with new models that take into consideration the digitalisation of society and the way we work. So, we thought we would design a service that would benefit the region, the communities and the local economy,” he explains. This is how this different communications agency popped up in 2017.

Efficience 59 supplies companies, non-profit associations and local/regional governments with communications tools and employs 10 people through this professional integration programme. The integration project provides these individuals with the skills they need in computer graphics, web and video design to become digital designers. They each receive social support and broad training on general company practice. In 2018, all employees who completed the integration programmes undertook training certification or obtained permanent employment contracts in the digital field.


Creating a regional impact that reaches beyond the integration project

In addition to reinforcing the action of the integration project, the sponsorship provided by the Societe Generale Foundation contributed to another Efficience 59 project: the opening of the MediaLab. “The purpose of this digital space is to boost the integration of young people without jobs or career plans, through workshops and innovative services,” explains Mr Medjahed. By teaching individuals the basics of how to use digital tools to carry out administrative procedures, or for the more advanced, how to manage a professional social media account or perform video editing, the multimedia space will help to fight against the digital divide and provide a springboard to new professions in a region heavily affected by unemployment.

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