Providing support from the outset!

Since Sport dans la Ville was founded in 1998, Societe Generale has actively supported our organisation’s efforts to use sport for inclusion programmes.
Thanks to the participation of Societe Generale employees in many of our organisation’s meetings, and thanks to the trust and generosity of the Fondation Solidarité Société Générale, Sport dans la Ville has actively been able to support the development of all its programmes for social inclusion and support for finding employment which currently benefit 2500 young people from disadvantaged areas.
We hope that this partnership with Societe Generale teams will continue to develop, as it is synonymous with hope and success for all the young people involved in Sport dans la Ville.
Nicolas Eschermann,
President of Sport dans la Ville

Testimonial from Didier Alix, President of the Fondation Solidarité Société Générale.

The Fondation Solidarité Société Générale aims to favour access to the workplace for young people and has therefore, for several years now, chosen to support Sport dans la Ville projects, helping young people in their studies, helping them onto the work market, or encouraging them to start their own business. These objectives are part of the ambition to promote social inclusion through sport, an ambition which embodies the values Societe Generale shares with Sport dans la Ville, in particular to "develop team spirit together".

The Foundation supports Sport dans la Ville’s initiatives to help young people find their place in the workforce.

For 4 years, the Fondation Solidarité Société Générale has provided significant support for programmes providing training and resources for finding work. Through the "Job dans la Ville" (support for finding a job) and “Entrepreneurs dans la Ville” (supporting new businesses), Sport dans la Ville supports 250 young people every year through training and job-seeking.

After sponsoring a year of “Job dans la Ville", Didier Alix (President of the Foundation) and the foundation wished to lend their support to creating the Campus Pro centre, on the Sport dans la Ville Lyon campus.  This centre, which acts as a business incubator for 20 businesses created in the context of the “Entrepreneurs dans la Ville" programme, is also a special living space, supporting the 200 young people in the organisation signed up to “Job dans la Ville”.

Societe Generale remains loyal to the Parc des Princes

For the past 5 years, a team of volunteer SGIB sports enthusiasts has taken part in the “Company Golden Goal football tournament" which Sport dans la Ville organises every year at the Parc des Princes as a fundraiser for its activities.
Societe Generale’s faithful support on this day celebrating sport enabled 50 employees from the company to better understand the work of Sports dans la Ville and Societe Generale’s commitment to social issues.

“Our teams really look forward to this meeting. It is a fantastically well-organised tournament where there is always a good sporting atmosphere. It is also an opportunity for bonding, fun, and celebrating sporting values and inclusion for young people.”
Michael MARINGE,
Societe Generale Manager

Frédéric Oudéa sponsors the gala reception organised by Sport dans la Ville and Gol de Letra in Rio de Janeiro

Alongside Sergio Cabral (Governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro) and Olivier Ginon (President of GL Events) Frédéric Oudéa was the patron of honour at the gala event organised by Sport dans la Ville and Gol de Letra on 12 May 2011 at the Capacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro.
The event included 40 French and Brazilian companies and was organised to raise funds for the exchange partnership which Sport dans la Ville and Gol de Letra put in place in 2001, and which has given 30 young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in both organisations the opportunity to discover France or Brazil.

Sponsors for “L dans la Ville"

Headed by Martine Lassegues (Societe Generale Lyon Ouest), several female Societe Generale employees will sponsor young women from Sport dans la Ville who have signed up for the “L dans la Ville” programme.
Sponsored by Marie Drucker, L dans la Ville aims to actively take part in emancipation and finding job opportunities for 250 young women from disadvantaged backgrounds where Sport dans la Ville is active.


Extracted from "Transversale", newsletter between Sport dans la Ville and Société Générale

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