Focus on Morocco and the VSLA methodology


The women in Morocco have few economic opportunities and their work is generally informal and provides no social protection. Since 2014, to encourage their economic and social integration, CARE has introduced the Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) to Morocco to help them create micro-businesses and cooperatives.


This system, developed by CARE in 1991 as a complementary activity to microcredit, exists in 46 countries and is based on the principles of transparency, collective decision-making and flexibility. In groups, the women save in a shared account and can withdraw the money at any time for an investment or a loan. All the transactions are carried out in front of all the savers, at weekly meetings. They receive training from the CARE team, enabling them to start micro-businesses that are profitable and sustainable.


“Thanks to the project, I was able to travel for the very first time and participate in trade fairs to market our products,” says Rachida, 40, beneficiary of the programme. “I met other women from other cooperatives. These are things I had never done before. I feel confident and active. In the future, we want to become a solid cooperative, essential for the development of the village. And be proud of it.”

The project has now been implemented in the Oriental region, helping 2,000 people and 50 women’s associations in Fès-Meknès and Béni Mellal-Khénifra. To strengthen their support for this programme and to maximise its impact, the Societe Generale Morocco teams plan to train CARE staff and the beneficiaries of the project on topics such as establishing projected accounting documents and negotiation techniques.

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