Sponsoring graduates with 4 or more years of tertiary education from working class backgrounds

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SPONSOR’S MISSION: work on the various tools (CV, cover letter, interview preparation), work on career plans, networking and confidence boosting.

FREQUENCY: Sponsors determine the frequency together with the individual (on average once a month)

MEETING PLACE: free (within or outside the company, face to face, by phone and/or email)

PROFILE OF SUPPORT GIVERS: executives in the same branch as the jobseeker

DURATION OF THE SPONSORSHIP: until the jobseeker finds work or training leading to a qualification (on average around six months)


  • Boost confidence ?Help the individual to understand how the company operates ?Improve the indivudal’s job seeking techniques:
  • CV and cover letter writing
  • Adapt your career plans to professions that are hiring people
  • Job interview preparation
  • Networking

For more information about NQT sponsoring and to become a sponsor, visit the website: www.nqt.fr

  • 2015 - 2016 : Parrainage d'un jeune diplômé de NQT / Number of volunteers required : 14
  • Types of commitment

    Long term
  • Type of needs

  • hours

  • Place

  • Country

  • Fields of intervention

    Professional integration , Other

employees involved

Fatim Alaoui, NAJIM ANAJGAR, Amelie AUBRUN, Corinne Audrain, EVENS BLE, Antoine BOUTARD, Akli BROUK, Marie-Mathilde CURE, Aurélia DAUMER, Paul Florea, Isabelle Gateau, Julie GAUTHIER, Mouhamadou Gueye, zineb laroui, Mourad Lassoued, Eric LENOIR, Fabrice Lobel, Meta Marinovic, DUC NGUYEN, Nha-Quynh NGUYEN-DO, Christine OLIVRY-PERENNOU, stéphane pautrat, SHAITIA Sabrina, LELOUTRE stephanie, Laetitia Teuber, Gayatri Tilak, Renaud Tison,
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