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In detail

Mozaïk RH is a non-profit recruitment and HR advice firm which works to encourage the professional integration of young graduates from working-class areas. To help restore equality, Mozaïk RH works with businesses by helping them change their view on young people, by increasing awareness of the high-potential of candidates and by encouraging their professional integration ; in addition, Mozaïk RH supports candidates with workshops and coaching so that they can portray themselves well in an interview.

Mozaïk RH detects, selects and presents businesses with the best young graduate profiles. It applies rigorous criteria which encourage skills, potential and motivation. The recruitment process is ensured by professionals who aim to evaluate the skills of the candidates to respond to the requirements expressed by the business. In collaboration with public service institutions and businesses, Mozaïk RH proposes original HR solutions, adapted to each situation: Job Information days, pre-recruitment campaigns for interns or work placement students; Mozaïk RH supports candidates in employment with group workshops and individual monitoring, and offers better visibility for candidates thanks to the Mozaïk RH CV library, the first free platform dedicated to very small businesses, SMEs and Associations. By making this tool available for free for all SMEs and associations, Mozaïk RH hoped to provide a strong and positive response to the recruitment problems for small organisations which do not have the financial and human means necessary to do this effectively. The association also provides actions to revitalise HR policies regarding diversity for disabled people with businesses and public institutions.

History of partnership

In 2010, Mozaïk RH created PasserElles, a professional integration programme for young diverse female graduates (those from working-class areas or immigrants) who are looking for work, an internship or a work placement. In order to develop their professional network, Mozaïk RH built a "female sponsorship" programme with Societe Generale, where each candidate is allocated a sponsor who can provide professional advice and support. In 2014, thanks to the support of the Societe Generale Foundation, Mozaïk RH supported candidates on the Declick Emploi programme.


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Mozaïk RH - Professional integration

Monday 03 September 2018
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