Les Artisans du Macadam

In detail

Les Artisans de Macadam is an association which helps disadvantaged people to pursue professional activity and to earn money by selling the Macadam magazine on the streets of Paris.

Each month, 40 volunteer professional journalists work to create the Macadam magazine, which aims to raise awareness amongst the general public about agents for change and successful initiatives in the areas of social and community, humanitarian and ecological economy. The magazine is then sold in the streets by employees who are part of the association, who have the status of independent home seller (VDI): this allows to them to be exempt from any declarations and charges. The association has also succeeded in developing a network of sellers throughout France in two main cities: Lyon and Paris. In Lyon, Macadam has run an expression workshop since 2010 to work with sellers on their professional project.

History of partnership

The Societe Generale Foundation has supported Les Artisans du Macadam since 2012. It has helped finance the implementation of the Premières Heures method, launched by the City of Paris, to respond to the problem of people who are outside of the world of work who are not ready to re-enter via a classic integration method. This method aims to adapt to each person, particularly in terms of hourly volume, in accordance with their possibilities, and therefore better responding to the needs of the general public.
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