In detail

The foundation EcoFormation is a non-profit public interest organisation under Swiss law which aims to improve the living conditions and independence of local populations, through sustainable forestry development projects and youth training and education projects in developing countries. Developed in the interests of and in close collaboration with local populations, the EcoFormation projects contribute several social, economic and environmental value-adds.

EcoFormation's main activities are:

  • the vocational training of young people and women without qualifications or jobs;
  • the reforestation of forest areas according to the region's history;
  • job creation on and close to the reforestation sites;
  • the re-establishment of biodiversity, the rehabilitation of fauna and flora which have disappeared;
  • agro-forestry dedicated to food production (subsistence farming).

History of partnership

The support of the Societe Generale Foundation within the framework of the construction of the Training Centre in Madagascar from 2011 to 2015 made it possible, among other things, to train young people as nurserymen or in the vocations of forestry and agro-forestry to make them more employable. EcoFormation also won the SG Success Awards 2011 prize for environmental projects. The integration of young person training and awareness-raising approaches, as well as their involvement in environmental initiatives were decisive criteria in winning the prize.


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