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Ares is a group of integration companies created in 1991 with the main aim of promoting the integration of highly marginalised people (young people with no qualifications, homeless people, disabled people and others) by offering them work and suitable support. The organisation is located in Paris, in Seine-Saint-Denis, in the Val-de-Marne, in Gironde, in Seine-Maritime, in Côte d'Or and in the Rhône. Designed as a simplified joint-stock company, Ares's goal is to support each employee in:

  • Being a stakeholder in the Ares project, to prove than any person, irrespective of their situation, can rebuild himself through work and restore his dignity by participating in social and economic exchange;
  • Regain self-confidence;
  • Take part in work as a necessity in order to participate in exchange, as the basis of all social life and therefore accept the restrictions and understand the purpose;
  • Become sustainably employable (again) and access a normal job, which requires acquiring a pace of work, following behavioural rules and acquiring the required qualifications for the job considered;
  • Reform and consolidate one's social connections and networks (family, friends, loves, colleagues etc.) which facilitates professional integration and without which there cannot be any sustainable re-integration;
  • Become a citizen in one's own right who expresses one's ideas, takes financial responsibility for oneself and enjoys living in society again.

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History of partnership

The Societe Generale Foundation has supported the organisation with several projects: development of La Petite Reine (2011), support to Ateliers sans Frontières (2011 to 2013), support with the creation of Login's (2014). Furthermore, ARES is a Societe Generale Group partner as a service provider for office removals and logistics operations.


  • Spotlight on the partnership between ARES and the Societe Generale Foundation
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Bilingue anglais-français? Vous pouvez aider Ares !
Mission Pro Bono /  Au vu du déploiement d’Ares, l'association souhaite pouvoir présenter à ses clients internationaux, dont le nombre est de plus en plus...

Arès - Professional integration flag

Experts de la formation et du e-learning ? Ils ont besoin de vos conseils !
Mission Pro Bono / Le département Formation d’Ares souhaiterait développer un projet d’e-learning pour les salariés en insertion. Constatant, en effet,...
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