Prince Mossi

In detail

Prince Mossi Association established 16th November 2004 as a non-profit international solidarity organisation according to French law of July 1st 1901. One Mission: Support the development of the girls and young women in the Kaya family centre, in the farm schoolof Zimsa, and in the literacy centre of Tangasgo in Burkina Faso. Two Objectives:  Professional training of girls and women and strengthening the productivity and the social capacity of the practical farm at Zimsa
Three Locations:  One domestic science centre at Kaya, one literacy centre at Tangasgo and one farm school at Zimsa

History of partnership

Project Objectives - Fight against poverty of girls and women in rural society - Provide training in skills consistent with local needs - Provide 20 girls by class with training leading to a qualification and to a state recognised examination - Fight against deforestation and soil erosion - Create an environment planted with trees - Provide access to books in the Kaya domestic science centre - Improve family revenues and so allow malnourished children to be cared for and sent to school - Teach girls and women to take care of themselves reducing financial dependence upon their husbands - Ensure proper nourishment for students in the centre at every session and instruct them in the use of a solar oven - Provide all students with a favourable learning environment : drinking water, electricity, latrines, appropriate agricultural equipment - Allow farmers with equipment to improve harvests while respecting the environment, improve their diet and live on the proceeds of the sale of surplus Today, no official national policy provides financial support to the populations of these villages, remote from anyone and anything. Only the goodwill of the Burkinabe people themselves supported by Barnabé Ouédraogo , president of ACEED, will help them avoid the worst. They wish to be honest law abiding Africans, people of integrity, solidarity and dignity aware of the world around them. After all, let us not forget this is Burkina Faso, “land of the incorruptibles
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