Emmaüs Défi
  • Surname : Arnaud
  • First Name : Hugo
  • Email : harnaud@emmaus-defi.org
  • Function : Responsable communication et développement

In detail

Emmaüs Défi's aim is to create innovative solutions to get people off the streets and out of social emergency. This Integration Project Workshop (ACI) offers a work contract and personalised support to people who are severely marginalised.

Emmaüs Défi employs 110 employees through professional integration and runs a bric-a-brac business (collection, sorting and sale).

The organisation also leads other initiatives for combating marginalisation such as the Solidarity Equipment Bank which enables households in hardship to equip their first home. The organisation provides general support around the issues of employment, healthcare and accommodation.

History of partnership

Emmaüs Défi is one of Societe Generale's major partners. Emmaüs Défi's and the Societe Generale Foundation's shared intention is to develop a partnership based on several drivers, in particular by encouraging the involvement of Societe Generale employees but also by building innovative solutions for people experiencing hardship. The Foundation supported the organisation in 2011 on the former Riquet market bric-a-brac rehabilitation and renovation project. Emmaüs Défi was one of the beneficiary organisations of the Bike Ride in 2012 and 2013 and the Citizen Commitment Games in 2014. In 2015, the Foundation is undertaking to support the structural development project, Emmaüs Défi 2017, alongside the organisation.


  • Highlight on the partnership between the charity Emmaüs Défi and the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation.
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Emmaüs Défi - Professional integration flag

Thursday 29 June 2017
Citizen Commitment Time de Mantes Vallée de Seine pour Emmaüs Défi
Cette année, le principe est de parcourir un maximum de kilomètre (en courant ou en marchant). Une somme d’argent sera alors reversée à l'association en...

Emmaüs Défi - Professional integration flag

Monday 12 June 2017
Citizen Commitment Time : Juin 2017
PARCE QUE PEDALER C'EST DONNER ! A l'occasion du du Citizen Commitment Time, un Challenge sportif et solidaire est organisé à la DEC PARIS BOURSE (1er étage) entre...

Emmaüs Défi - Professional integration flag

Thursday 29 June 2017
Les Citizen Commitment Time arrivent à Saint Denis ! Les 29 et 30 juin, dans les locaux de notre DEC,  vous êtes invités à vous...

Emmaüs Défi - Professional integration flag

Tuesday 12 September 2017
Citizen Commitment Time PSC Stade De France
Les Citizen Commitment seront présents au PSC Stade de France en Septembre 2017 ! Nous vous proposons de participer à un challenge sportif et une activité culturelle les...
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