Ecole de la 2ème Chance Drôme-Ardèche

Ecole de la 2ème Chance Drôme-Ardèche

In detail

The aim of E2C 26-07 is to develop the employability of young people in difficulty and enable them to integrate sustainably in work life.

E2C 26-07 is aimed at 18-25 year-olds in Drôme and Ardèche, who have been out of the school system for at least a year, who are without qualifications, and who are encountering social and professional integration difficulties. The young people are taken in at the training centre, their needs comprehensively addressed and are supported individually to get back in the saddle to eventually access a job or training.

History of partnership

To help the young people of E2C 26-07 get back on their feet in an original way, and to work on language in all its forms, the Societe Generale foundation supports an innovative project entitled "From writing to screen". Since its founding, E2C 26-07 has based its work on the development of activities surrounding digital technology. Running group projects based on video is an excellent method of consolidating interns' skills, and bringing them back up to level based on alternative teaching methods. Organised over time, the group projects have another benefit: working in "project mode", a widespread operating method in companies. 'From writing to screen" forms part of this approach. After the initial learning, teaching workshops will be developed internally in the 4th quarter of 2014, to result in a short film entirely conceived, written and filmed by the interns. This film will be presented in public at the 18th Screenwriters' Festival in April 2015.


  • The cameras are rolling, so be quiet !
  • Drôme-Ardèche School of Second Chances tries its hand at film directing
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