Sport dans la Ville

Sport dans la Ville

In detail

The association develops the projects which aim to professionally integrate 3,500 young people from sensitive areas, by using sport as an educational tool.

The association rolls out activities around sporting programmes (accessible by beneficiaries from 7 years old), discovery programmes, reading, writing and communication workshops, a professional integration programme, Job dans le Ville, and a programme which supports business creation.

History of partnership

Since the creation of the association in 1998, Societe Generale has actively supported integration activity through sport by Sport dans la Ville. Thanks to the participation of Societe Generale employees in various meetings with our association, and thanks to the confidence and generosity of the Societe Generale Foundation, Sport dans la Ville has been able to support the development of all social and professional integration programmes in a dynamic manner.


  • Focus on the partnership between Sport dans la ville and the Société Générale Foundation
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