Enabling Enterprise

In detail

Enabling Enterprise (EE) was founded in 2009 by a group of teachers in London who wanted to prepare pupils better for real life. Enabling Enterprise is an organisation which aims for all pupils to leave school with a professional experience and the abilities which will enable them to be employed and to succeed. 

History of partnership

Societe Generale and the Foundation have supported the organisation since 2010 to develop the employability programme for young beneficiaries. Within the framework of this programme, students take part in twenty weekly sessions presenting the key skills they will need to get a job and during which they can create their own little enterprise. These training courses are mainly given by their own teachers in their classrooms with the support of Enabling Enterprise. They cover the following themes: drawing up a business plan, organising a team meeting, managing a project, buying and selling. During these sessions, the pupils must also create their own little enterprise, for example, designing t-shirts, washing cars, selling video games or holding a fast-food kiosk.


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