• Surname : PAVANI
  • First Name : Federica

In detail

The French Federation of CRESUS organisations was founded in Alsace based on a model to support over-indebted households nearly 17 years ago, recognised as a public interest organisation and rewarded with the National Volunteering prize.

Based on a common label and sharing experiences and practices in the fields of support, prevention, handling and monitoring of the phenomenon of financial exclusion, the CRESUS Federation was developed on the basis of volunteering.

History of partnership

The Financial Education Project initiated by Societe Generale is led in collaboration with CRESUS and consists in teaching young people aged 16 to 25 in vocational secondary schools and apprentice training centres (CFA) in France, the necessary bases for understanding the main banking notions and operations: understanding the different methods of payments, drawing up a budget, managing income and expenditure, saving, borrowing, the risks etc. This project is one of the skills sponsorship programmes provided to Societe Generale employees.


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Sunday 01 September 2019
Formez des jeunes à la gestion de budget !
Formez des jeunes à la gestion de budget  Participez à une demie-journée de formation avec Crésus, association qui accompagne les jeunes en situation de...
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